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2 Year Guarantee

What is it? This guarantee is a service and benefit designed to help the customer who originally purchased the items from our store. This guarantee is specifically for the repair or replacement of items that have been damaged, which means that there must be a hole worn in the fabric, leather, sole, sock, etc. This does not cover damaged items due to “user error” (i.e. staining, laundry mishaps, theft, ritual and intentional damage). However, you are welcome to submit any requests for replacements and situational circumstances may be considered. Replacements will not be given after the 2 years is over, guarantee may not be transferred to another person. Our fashion grade items and clearance items are not covered under the 2-year guarantee.

All 2-Year Guarantee items will be replaced/repaired depending on the following requirements:

  • Manufacturer Defects

If product needs to be replaced due to a manufacturer defect, item needs to be physically returned to us before it is replaced.

  • Repairs

In many cases, items can be repaired and we will cover the cost of the repair. Customers are always responsible for maintenance of all products and simpler repairs such as popped seams, buttons, following care labels, etc.

  • Full Replacement (only covers items that have worn out)

Item must have a hole in it from wear incurred from daily/average use. Qualifying shoes can only be replaced in pairs. Original sizes only. If sizes are changing, they fall under the 50% Guarantee.

  • 50% Guarantee

Anything we sell that doesn't meet the requirements above can be replaced at half off. This includes permanently wrinkled collars, laundry mishaps, theft, apartment fires, floods, anything that needs to be replaced less than 90 days before the 2 year deadline.

How does it work? It’s pretty easy! Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to submit a request to our customer service team. Please Note: As of January 1st, 2018, an invoice # and photos are required in order for your request to be processed. Submissions are addressed within 24-48 hours. For any additional questions regarding the guarantee, please email us at Customers are responsible for all shipping costs. 

We can ship replacement items within the United States! 

Please be honest. Clothing replacement is not meant to outfit friends or siblings or provide a new wardrobe a few months before the end of the 2 year deadline. This guarantee begins on the date of purchase and cannot be "paused".

What about popped seams or buttons that fall off?  We expect minor repairs to be handled by the customer, for example sewing on a button or being able to repair a popped seam. For hemming and other seam issues, items can be taken to a local tailor or dry cleaner and the receipt may be submitted for reimbursement. Please email us at before the work is done for approval.

Shoe Coverage (DANSKO AND ROBBINS & BROOKS SHOES ONLY)—The Two Pair Rule  In order to have your shoes covered by the 2-Year Wearproof Guarantee, you must purchase two pairs of Robbins & Brooks shoes from us. Why? Robbins & Brooks shoes are our top selling brands of mission shoes. We have found that they are the most durable & comfortable throughout a missionary's two years. Most missions suggest that missionaries take 2-3 pairs of shoes. Taking just one pair of shoes will not last for any missionary and will likely cause significant foot problems. Shoes must be rotated daily! Giving the shoes a day off between wearing gives the sole a day to rebound before being worn again. This provides more durability and softer cushion to the feet, legs, and back. It also allows the shoe to dry, which prevents foot health problems and helps the leather last longer.

How Long Does It Take?
Replacement or repaired items usually ship in 1-2 weeks. If we no longer sell the item or a particular style has been discontinued by the manufacturer, a similar style of equal or greater value will be selected in its place. If an item is sold out or is on backorder for longer than 6 business days, you will contacted to see if you’d like to wait for the original item or select another style.

Even If You Don’t Use It, The Guarantee Benefits You
Our product line has been refined by this guarantee. If we see that something does not last, we stop selling it! Everything you buy from Robbins & Brooks has been tested by real people all over the world doing a variety of work. If it fails, we get it back and fix the product or find another supplier for future customers. We don’t just offer theories on what we think will last—we put our money where our mouth is. We are on the line for items that don’t last.