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Walk Sock


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    • 75% Cotton/21% Nylon/ 2% Spandex/ 2% Rubber - Breathable, durable, comfortable.
    • Elastic stays supportive over time--Sock won't roll down your leg
    • Professional color variety

Have you ever wished that you could wear comfy athletic socks to a suit-and-tie business meeting?

Well, all we can say is congratulations; These socks will change your life.

The Robbins and Brooks Walk Sock was designed with comfort, resilience, and durability in mind, and has developed a cult following among churchgoers, businessmen, athletes, and regular joes alike.

The upper half of the sock is a highly breathable athletic mesh, keeping your foot cool, dry, and happy, while the padding on the bottom of the foot is double cushioned for comfort, support, and mind-blowing durability.



The idea for Robbins and Brooks menswear came about in 1995 as the result of a close relationship with two mentors.  Robbins is a titan of industry and co-founder of a very successful company that consults and trains Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies.  Brooks is an FBI Agent who served for many, many years domestically and abroad and who spent a lot of time traveling.  Two different men, two very different menswear needs.  Robbins and Brooks merges the look and feel of high-end executive menswear with the functionality, durability, and comfort required by the frequent traveler.  Since 1997, we have been refining our menswear through trial and error and feedback from our customers thanks to our exclusive 2-year guarantee.  If you wear out any of our products within two years of the purchase date, we're happy to replace it free of charge with the same item or similar item, all you have to do is take a picture of the worn out area and pay for shipping for the free replacement.